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Media Design & Production for the Everyday Budget

Notice: We are the victim of a troll / hacker. Until we can resolve this, we have removed our number temporarily. The only way currently to contact us is via email here or send us a message on Facebook or our other social media profiles.

What Do We Do?

Art & Design

  • Concept Art
  • Pre-Visualization
  • Comics & Cartoons
  • Graphic Design


  • Video Shoots
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Visual Effects


  • Matterport 3D
  • Digital Photo Shoots
  • Photo Editing

The Art and Design division focused mostly on Pre-Production for film, tv, animation and other similar video related projects as well as photography with optional Graphic Design Services as they might relate to said projects. The Video Production Division focuses on both the production shoots and commonly requested post-production needs such as editing, motion graphics and visual effects. The Photography Division focuses mainly on any variety of photography shoots and photo editing.

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How Do We Differ?

We Achieve A lot
With Just A Little

  • Maximize Budgets
  • Low to No Overhead
  • Use Only The Essentials

We Give A lot
For Just A Little

  • Below Market Rates
  • High Quality Is Maintained
  • Ongoing Everyday Discounts

We build A lot
With Just A Little

  • Integrity Improves
  • Relationships Increase
  • Trust Is Earned

In our experience, not every project has to cost a fortune to produce. Not every interview or panel discussion requires a multitude of crew members and equipment. Careful pre-planning can reveal where the "fat" can be cut and what can still be achieved with the most minimal of resources.

Learn more about our services and discounts that set us apart from the competiton.

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Why We Do What We Do?

Struggling Artist #1
- OWner -

Struggling Artist #2
- Video & Audio -

Struggling Artist #3
- Photography -

We love what we do and enjoy doing it even if we do still struggle everyday. Every project and budget has its challenges but that is what we thrive on, the challenge to make something work even despite its obstacles. This is what makes us relatable to so many of the people who hire us.

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Who Have We Helped?

We are thankful and appreciative of everyone we have worked with and continue to work with. They took a chance with us and we followed through on our promise to deliver professional quality work. We are looking to continue growing a family of clients who make us their "go to" production or design force.

Click on the Logo / Images below to visit their websites or in some cases their Facebook pages as they may no have a website.

The Testimonials

It is one thing to simply list a bunch of clients on a web page, it is another see what some of them have to say. Below are some testimonials from various clients who are ongoing and not not short term or one offs. These are clients with whom we have been building relationships.

Creature Features

January 2017 - present

"Matthew Hightshoe and his crew at Creative Cortex have provided a consistently impeccable experience on more than a dozen live events. Each event has been fraught with unexpected curveballs and challenges, and yet Hightshoe and his group faced each hurdle with focus, common sense, a skilled tech savvy and a fearless spirit that supplied us with the peace of mind that every company needs, yet seldom gets. Most importantly, they truly care for the people they're offering their services to, while also having a keen understanding of the heart that beats at the center of each job they take on. We have been proud of our association with Creative Cortex and look forward to many more prime experiences in the future."

- Taylor White

(Store Owner - Historian)

John Massari Music

July 2017 - present

"Matthew has a keen talent for bringing forth a story. All my life I have been camera shy and he has a knack for making people comfortable infront of the camera. He is a Director and filmmaker of exceptional talent, personality, and professionalism."

- John Massari

(Owner - Film Music Composer)

Aunt Liddy Books

January 2017 - present

"Matthew worked with me on my first children's book. He was exceptional in every way. Beyond my expectations and certainly someone I look forward to working with again in the future. Highly recommended across the board. He is amazing!"

- Alethea Allen

(Owner - Writer)