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Accessibility Statement

MAtthew has brough this coding and accessibility background to the design and construction of this website. He worked for Criterion 508 solutions as an auditor and a project manager. While he left to pursue his true passion in filmmaking, he learned quite a bit about the importance of accessibility as he himself has vision disabilities. Making this site accessible to others with disabilities on many levels is of the upmost importance to him. Taking all he learned about how to make a site meet Section 508 and WCAG guidelines he has implemented the baseline features and functionalities needed to reach a broad audience of disabled users.

Currently, the site should be accessible and meets the baseline level of Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines. We are upholding our committment to make the site accommodating and accessible to users with visual, physical and cognitive disabilities. If you run into an issue with accessing something please contact us immediately by phone or email so that we may help assist you better and fix the issue you are encountering.