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Visual Storytelling Design & Production


This second joint effort with Andrew Johnston was much larger in scope. His client - The Celestial Opera Company - held live performances of Carmen which were captured in a manner similar to a PBS recorded event complete with multiple cameras, recorded sound and even a DVD produced by us for promotional and archival purposes only.

Contributions Provided

  • Principle Camera, Sound and Editing by HLC Studios
  • Second Camera Operation by us - TCC
  • DVD Menus and DVD Packaging Designed by us - TCC

Tools & Software Used

  • 2 Canon Rebel EOS T3i's
  • 1 Canon 70D
  • 18 to 135mm lens
  • 300mm lens
  • 16 to 35mm EF lens
  • Zoom H4n with Rode Boom Mic
  • Adobe Premiere CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC

Main Performance

The final edits are coming to a completion. We will have a clip featuring the title song available soon and that is all that we will show from the performance. To enjoy the performance and our work on it you will want to request a free DVD copy from The Celestial Opera Company website when the DVD becomes avaialable. We will alert everyone to when this becomes available. In the meantime, we have provided stills from the performance below.