Creative Cortex

Visual Storytelling Design & Production

There's No Such Things as Vampires

Created on "spec" and was submitted to client in order to retain them for when the production nears completion. No footage was provided to us to get a sense of the tone for the film, all direction was verbal. We were given a blank canvas on which to create. The two concepts below are our interpretations of the initial briefing provided by the filmmaker.

Contributions Provided

  • Motion Titles / Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Sound Design

Tools & Software Used

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Adobe Media Encoder CC

Title Card concept 1

This concept focused on the idea that while the assumption in the story is that there are no more vampires, the lines of truth and fable are blurred and the fact is vampires still do actually exist. This fact will become painfully "clear" later on as the blinders are lifted and the true reality becomes crystal "clear".

Title Card concept 2

This concept is exemplified through the transitioning of the text from a blurred state to one that is clear and legible. The fast paced chaotic intersecting of the words and letters was intended to hint at the fluttering of bats. The music and sound was chosen to elicit the growing anxiety and fear the victims of the supposed non-existent vampires experience just before they are murdered (the thumping heartbeat-like sound followed by the metallic slashing sound slash and hit mixed with the hollow moaning sound).