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When you are a talented entity like TCC whose skills and talents can cross over into a variety of creative fields, selecting samples can be challenging. A single portfolio is intended to be tailored toward a specific client or potential employer which is great for people with a very specific area of skills, however, that is not us. While our client portfolio can display what we were able to achieve for the client to their satisfaction, it may not always demonstrate the true range of skills we can provide. So we are offering three portfolios that in and of themselves have a focus, encompass our range of skills and talents.

Presented here is a collection of projects that were developed by very talented individuals who were in need of our creative collaborative solutions and services. These projects may or may not still be in development by the client, green-lit by a studio, or in production. We have been granted permission to display some or all of our efforts that resulted from our involvement on these projects.

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Presented here is a collection of projects we as a company are developing and executing ourselves. We are self-financing these projects as well as utilizing as much internal resources as possible in the execution of each project. These endeavors are our passion projects, our personal stories to tell and we are doing so in our own style and not that of a studio. These projects are our true voice.

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Presented here is a collection of projects that are non-project specific. These samples consist of random ideas not necessarily for any specific project and those that were rejected, not fully realized or went completely unused from previous projects. For the latter, the rejected concepts have been given a new life by fleshing them out in greater details, in turn allowing them to evolve into something greater.

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