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Media Design & Production for the Everyday Budget


In a Nutshell

Not every creative endeavor has to cost alto. You would be surprised at what can be achieved with limited resources and budgets - within reason. Many of you who are just starting out or have small scaled projects do not require much in the way of physical production demands. With us, you will get the service you actually need and at a reasonable cost. Our services are designed to accommodate clients looking for an "a la carte" approach as well as those seeking a more comprehensive package of interrelated services.

Educational Value

Not knowing or having prior experience with creative endeavors can be a disadvantage for some of you new to the process. It is not uncommon that you may wonder if you are being taken advantage of. We educate you and get you involved as much as possible throughout the entire process that way you understand why things occur the way they do, why things costs the amount they do, and the importance of contractual agreements, deadlines, and payments. When the project is over, the experience will have offered something of an educational value in addition to a well produced project.

Fundamental Commonality

We have found the services we provide to be the most often requested among the everyday person, small business owner, education institution staff, event coordinators, etc. all who were on a limited budget. Through a collaborative spirit on both sides, together we can find ways to still do a lot with just a little. We keep the overhead, resources and crew restricted to the main essentials which in turn helps to keep the costs low for you.