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Media Design & Production for the Everyday Budget

Music Composition Services

Details, Pricing and Discounts


Musical Needs We Fulfill

  • • Seminars
  • • Interviews
  • • Panel Discussions
  • • Promotional Videos
  • • Corporate Videos
  • • Instructional Videos
  • • Reels / Video Resumes
  • • Web Series
  • • Short Films
  • • Documentaries
  • • Small Band Performances
  • • Small Ensemble Performances
  • • Facebook Live
  • • YouTube Live
  • • Green Screen

Baseline Resources and Tools Used

  • • 2 to 3 crew members
  • • 1 to 3 cameras
  • • Lighting
  • • Synced Audio Recording
  • • Final Project File
  • • Various File Formats
  • • 6-moth Archive Storage

Pre-shoot Assessment

It is necessary that we visit the location(s) that will be used for the shoot prior to the shoot date to assess for noise pollution, lighting concerns and camera placement as well as power issues.

About Live Streaming

We are beginning to specialize in providing a professional looking Facebook Live and YouTube live streaming service. We do not use mobile phones or tablets as broadcasting equipment. We use multiple digital camcorders, mics, lighting and a laptop containing the streaming broadcast software. The internet signal at your location needs to be strong and stable.

About Green Screen

We have a portable green screen unit that we are capable of setting up (as well as various a white and black backdrops) that is ideal for small-scaled effects work or simply need a solid colored backgrounds when the one you have is not that desirable. It can be used indoors or outside but the best part is that we bring it to you.


Single Projects Only

The day rate starts at:


Budget Concious

For students, recently graduated and up to 2 years post graduates, Seniors and Disabled.

The day rate starts at:


Volume Discount

In the event any one particular service requires 2 or more days to complete a project, then a volume discount is applied. Cannot be used with other discounts.

The day rate would be:



These rates are a starting point as we do not know the scope of your project yet. Based on the learning about the true scope of your project, the rate could be lowered or raised based on the needs to execute any given project.

Day rates are applied to assignments that take more than 5 hours to complete each day. The maximum hours allotted to our team members is no more than 10 hours on any given day.

Any work acheived or completed within 5 hours will have a half day rate applied. So if a team member spends up to 10 hours one day and up to 5 hours the next, then 1 Day Rate nad 1 half-day rate will be billed.

Payment and Payment Options:

Don't let the price scare you into thinking you pay it all up-front. We ask for half to start work and half on completion / delivery. Simple, right?

We accept cash, check and PayPal payments. Every payment will get a receipt. We do not accept digital currency such as BitCoin or any of its competitors.

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