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Video Shoot Services

Details, Pricing and Discounts


Projects We Shoot

  • • Seminars
  • • Interviews
  • • Panel Discussions
  • • Promotional Videos
  • • Corporate Videos
  • • Instructional Videos
  • • Reels / Video Resumes
  • • Web Series
  • • Short Films
  • • Documentaries
  • • Small Band Performances
  • • Small Ensemble Performances

Resources We Use

  • • 1 to 2 Specialists - 1 Assistant
  • • 1 to 3 DSLR cameras
  • • Lighting
  • • Synced Audio Recording
  • • Green Screen (details below)

Deliverables You Get

  • • Final Project File
  • • Various File Formats
  • • Hard Copy Back-Ups

Pre-shoot Assessments

It is necessary that we visit the location(s) that will be used for the shoot prior to the shoot date to assess for noise pollution, lighting concerns and camera placement as well as power issues. This is also to help us know the true scope of the project so that we may define the most appropriate and realistic work flow as well as a timeline for completion.

The Shoot Set-Ups

Depending on the type of shoot the project will be will determine the number of cameras used. Rest assured that we will use up to three cameras simultaneously if and when necessary.

We try to make use of natural lighting but will always be prepared with our own lighting in the event some added ambiance is needed. We have a portable lighting kit that is not as obtrusive as some can be. While we aim for battery powered lights, they are only good for short duration shoots (up to an hour to hour and a half at most). Longer shoots require us to plug in the lights.

The audio is captured for syncing with the video during editing. There are a range of mics that we utilize based on the scenario for which we are shooting in. That is why noise pollution is assessed early on so that we may plan accordingly to combat any unusual or annoying background noise.

Re-shoots and Additional Shoots

You get one full review of all the footage shot. During this review we can collectively determine if a re-shoot is needed or if it is something that can be resolved in the post-production editing process. If a re-shoot or additional footage is needed then either scenario will get their corresponding one review.

1. If you decide to re-shoot something while we are still on-site, then we will do so at no extra charge.

2. After principle shooting is complete and during a review of the footage, if there is a mistake we made, we will re-shoot at no extra cost.

3. If an oversight was made on your end that results in either a re-shoot or additional footage needing to be shot, a full day rate may be applied. If the level of effort is minimal then a half day rate will be applied instead.

4. In the event we shoot a live and/or public event in which no re-shoots are possible and you are not happy with the work, then we will refund you completely but you do not get to keep the footage.

Green Screen

We have a portable green screen unit that we are capable of setting up (as well as various a white and black backdrops) that is ideal for small scaled effects work or simply need a solid colored backgrounds when the one you have is not that desirable. It can be used indoors or outside but the best part is that we bring it to you.


Shoots Only

The day rate starts at:


Budget Concious

For students, recently graduated and up to 2 years post graduates, Seniors and Disabled.

The day rate starts at:


Volume Discount

In the event any one particular service requires 2 or more days to complete a project, then a volume discount is applied. Cannot be used with other discounts.

The day rate would be:



These rates are a starting point as we do not know the scope of your project yet. Based on the learning about the true scope of your project, the rate could be lowered or raised based on the needs to execute any given project.

Day rates are applied to assignments that take more than 5 hours to complete each day. The maximum hours allotted to our team members is no more than 10 hours on any given day.

Any work acheived or completed within 5 hours will have a half day rate applied. So if a team member spends up to 10 hours one day and up to 5 hours the next, then 1 Day Rate nad 1 half-day rate will be billed.

Payment and Payment Options

Don't let the price scare you into thinking you pay it all up-front. We ask for half to start work and half on completion / delivery. Simple, right?

We accept cash, check and PayPal payments. Every payment will get a receipt. We do not accept digital currency such as BitCoin or any of its competitors.

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