Creative Cortex

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Trapped in a Brainstorm

We have lots of ideas swirling around in a hurricane like fashion of which we like to call a Brainstorm. Occasionally, an idea manages to form enough mass and is jettisoned from the storm only to go splat against the wall. If it sticks, it makes the picks and we nurture it into fruition.

D for Disgruntled

by The Creative Cortex team.

An animated web series that is inspired by the life events of not just the founder of The Creative Cortex, but the team and eventually the public. It will follow the character through a variety of absurdly humorous events that won't take much to embellish as the events they are based on were in and of themselves absurd to begin with.

More will be added over the next few weeks so keep checking back or just check our Social Media feeds for updates.