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Our neurons and synapses are constantly making connections and firing, resulting in an array of random ideas but only a select few will coalesce into a tangible project.

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November 2016

Score Trek

Filming segments from upcoming CD Signing Event(s)

We are attending the Varese Sarabande Horror Box Set signing this month to obtain footage for use in the film. We hope to capture the interactions of fans with the composers as well as talk with s few fans and composers as well.

Octoberber 2016

Fans of Film Music 7


It was decided that the video was not to their satisfaction and they passed on using the footage. However, some of it will appear in the Score Trek Documentary.

Score Trek

Research, Research, and More Research

As the title states...Research.

Completed Interview with Christophr Young

Wrapped his interview successfully. We may be getting to follow along on a project of his from which the footage taken will get to be used as part of ur documentary.

Performed a Test Shoot with Vincent Gillioz

To improve our set time before interviews, where and when applicable or capable, we are conducting earl test shoots with the interviewee. This is helping in our set-up and prep for the actual shoot.

September 2016

Fans of Film Music 7

Filming Completed

We completed filming the panel discussion with a multi-camera set-up. The next steps are to start the editing process.

Editing nearing completion

The sound is synced, the multi-cam editing has been tightened up, all that is left it to create the opening and closing credits and we will be able to hand this over to the client.

Access FFM7

Score Trek

Pre-Interview Meeting with Nick Redman

Met with Nick Redman today to discuss the project in greater detail and he agreed to be interviewed. We will be scheduling interview times for October.

Pre-Interview meeting with Neil S. Bulk

Met with Neil S. Bulk today to discuss the project in greater detail and he agreed to be interviewed. We will be scheduling interview times for October.

Pre-Interview meeting with Vincent Gillioz

Met with Vincent Gillioz today to discuss the project in greater detail and he agreed to be interviewed. We will be scheduling interview times for October.

Reaching out to next round of potential interviewees

Contacting the next round of individuals to see if they ae interested in participating in the documentary. Among those I reached out to are the following: Mike Matessino, Richard Band, Daniel Hersch, Ford Thaxton, Chris Stone, John Debney, Marco Beltrami, Jeff Bond, John Takis, David C. Fein, Jeff Bond, John Takis, Jon Burlingame, Tim Grieving, Richard Kraft, Laura Karpman, Anne Dudely, Rachel Portman, and John O'Callaghan.



DVDs are pressed, packaging completed and boxed up ready to ship out to the individuals who reserved their copies.

August 2016

Fans of Film Music 7

TCC to Film and Document FFM7

Peter Hackman who runs the anual event asked if we might film the entire event since we were already going to be filming parts of it for our documentary. We agreed with great glee. We went to the location in which the event is held annually to assess shooting needs as well as met with Peter to discuss the "Dos and Don'ts".

The location is The Bridge Recording studio tucked away in Glendale, CA. It is a very nice and modern recording stage where the scores for TV shows are recorded. One day we might be back to document an actual recording session.

Score Trek

Fans of Film Music to Participate in Documentary

For the segment of the documentary near the end that deals with the marketing and promotional aspects of a soundtrack's release, Fans of Film Music 7 will be featured as one of several social events that help take part in the marketing and promotional process not just in the CDs themselves but moreso in bringing composers and the consumers / fans together.

Pre-Interview meeting with Robert Townson of Varese Sarabande

Met Robert Townson in person today to discuss Score Trek in detail. He finds the project quiteinteresting and a great segment of the soundtrack world that is not so publicized. We shared ideas and discussed film scores in general. It was a great meeting. TCC is working around his busy schedule to schedule his interview for Score trek as well as review archival materials that we may use in the documentary.

Interview Scheduling Begins

In two weeks we will finally begin our long awaited moment in which we can finally begin conducting interviews for our documentary. The first up will be Lukas Kendall of FSM, Liner Notes Writer Daniel Schweiger the film composer Christopher Young, Matt and Michael from La La Land records, and Varese Sarabande's head man Robert Townson but not necessarily in that order. These three are just the first of our much longer laundry list of individuals we intend to interview moving forward.

Carmen - Updates

Finalizing the DVD Packaging Design

In the next week we will be finalizing the Package Design. We will post it online here and on our social media sites.

DVD Release Resumes

After working out some legal loopholes on the part of the client, the DVD we made of the shoot we did of the live performance will finally see a release but for archival and promotional use only. Those who receive copies cannot resell it but they can retain as many copies as they want and give out as many as they want for free.

July 2016


DVD Release Delayed

Some legal loopholes on the part of the client were discovered regarding our ability to release and profit from this DVD release. We are looking into alternative solutions so that we may still at least legally release the DVD (and our hard work) even if not making a profit will result.

Editing, Motion Titles, and Menu Designs

All four performances are each having their multi-camera Angeles edited together and the recorded audio synced up. The Opening and closing credits sequences have been designed and are being animated. Our static DVD menus are also undergoing design and before long implementation. We intend to have the DVDs ready for shipment by the end of July 2016.

Score Trek

Pre-Interview meeting with Composer Christopher Young

Met with Mr. Young at his office before heading out to have lunch to discuss this documentary with him and simply get to know him better. It was a wonderful time and he agreed to be part of the documentary.

Robert Townson agrees to be in our Documentary

Through perseverance and determination, we managed to get Robert Townson of Varese Sarabande to take part in our documentary. There was much pushback from others who surround Mr. Townson at Varese Sarabande who told us straight out that he nor the company would ever participate in such a documentary. We found a way to get to him and get him to agree and we did so in such a manner that was not obtrusive nor harassing.

New Focus

Refocused the themes and direction for the documentary. New Outline is being drafted and changes to the questions that will be asked of those individuals to be interviewed.

Our Client Projects

Nothing at the moment

we are focusing on our documentary at the moment. We are open to taking on small projects but at the moment we have not had time to reach out and obtain any new projects. If you have one that you think we might be interested in, by all means, contact us.

Our Company Projects

"Score Trek"

A documentary that will follow the process of what it takes to bring a film score into the marketplace whether on CD or on streaming services. This will not focus on the composer's creative journey but rather that of the collaboration between the composer and the specialty music labels embark on together as well as the creative and business compromises that both sides must face.

Review Project Details

Our Company Projects

D for Disgruntled

An animated web series that is inspired by the life events of not just the founder of The Creative Cortex, but the team and eventually the public. It will follow the character through a variety of absurdly humorous events that won't take much to embellish as the events they are based on were in and of themselves absurd to begin with.